EZLN announces new red alert, suspends activities of La Otra Campaña

Marcos called for regional coordinators throughout the country of Mexico to organize themselves in solidarity with Texcoco.

Thursday morning found the south of Mexico City entangled in street blockades and protests with students, workers and peasants demanding justice for the people of Texcoco. Dozens of people have been arrested and the city police have been brutally detaining the protests. Early afternoon, it looks like student demonstrators will return to the National Autonomist University of Mexico (UNAM), Latin America’s largest institute of higher-learning, and attempt to occupy various sections of the school.

Wednesday morning, flower vendors from People in Defense of the Land Front (Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra) occupying a space in the Texcoco market were brutally repressed by state police. As they moved to reoccupy their space in the pre-dawn hours, the 40 flower vendors received back-up from the nearby municipality of Atenco. Arming themselves with machetes and Molotov cocktails, the vendors were hit with tear gas and batons. While defending their space in the market in Mexico state, a 14 year-old boy died from the impact of tear gas in the chest and more than forty people were arrested.

“The municipal president wants to evict these people because he thinks their market leaves the area dirty and he wants to put a commercial center, a Wal-mart in Texcoco,” Marcos said before thousands of people during a public rally in Tlatelolco. During his preceding speeches in Mexico City that day with small-time merchants and market vendors, Marcos had been discussing the plight of Texcoco. During his final speech of the day, Marcos exploded with rage and indignation. As of the afternoon of May 3, Subcommandante Marcos of the EZLN (National Zapatista Army of Liberation) announced during a public act in Mexico City a new red alert and closure of Zapatista caracoles and suspension of activities of La Otra Campaña, which has now become a struggle to support the people of Texcoco, who for the past two days have been experiencing severe government repression.

The peasant flower venders have been resisting eviction for weeks. The area they use has been eyed by local authorities for a new commercial center. As part of the People in Defense of the Land, the flower venders have been joined by people in struggle from Atenco, a municipal adjacent to Texcoco . In 2002, the people of Atenco successfully resisted the construction of a national airport on their land with machetes and popular organization.

America del Valle a member of People in Defense of the Land spoke before the crowd. “The reason of this aggression is something that they repeat every day; it is for the crime of reclaiming one piece of land to sell products that we produce from our land: nopales, verduras, flowers,” she said.

She announced the demands of the movement: liberation of arrested individuals and return of the market space.

“We will see who is really with la Otra. Here we will see if this is true of la Otra; if it is not only speeches but if its solidarity and urgent action.”

Marcos announced meetings after the rally to coordinate actions for Thursday, which will begin at 8 a.m. He also announced a new red alert, closure of Zapatista caracoles and suspension of activities in La Otra Campaña, which is wrapping up its tour in Mexico City.

“The Zapatistas are, today, Texcoco. We are going to be alert to their demands. Closure of streets, highways, flyering, painting, protests. We respect their decisions, we will arrive to where they tell us to go,” Marcos said. Contact your local Mexican consulate and demand justice for the people of Texcoco: http://www.travelguru.net/html/consulates/mexico.html for more information on atenco: http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/mexico/comment/airportAUG02.html http://www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/free/mexico/2002/0713groups_protest.htm

Radio-Internet and FM transmission of La Otra Campaña in Mexico City

Since August 2005, a coalition of alternative media has gone with the call of the Sixth Declaration of the Lancandona Jungle, launched by the EZLN in June 2005.

Alternative media or free media, community media, independent media, citizen media and projects of popular grassroots communication and counter-information form part of a long-term wide and diverse movement that searches to reclaim words and make media from the people and for the people.

Through fascist legislation like the recently passed Ley Televisa-Azteca, the word of the people is made illegal, defending only the word of the big capitalists; laws that act against freedom of expression and information and against natural abilities of communication and creation of the people.

Beginning mid-day April 26, with the live transmission from the College of Superior Studies Aragon UNAM, in the northeast of Mexico state, free media will initiate radio transmissions through the Internet and FM the activities of the first national tour of La Otra Campaña, whose purpose is to listen and organize together indignation in its passing through of Mexico state and the federal district (Mexico City).

On some occasiones you will listen to live broadcast on others you will listen to previously recorded material from efforts of collectives and individuals working together so that stories of struggle are heard farther away and stronger.

Practically through all of the valley of Mexico we will transmit through free community radio frequencies.

To listen to the transmission, you have to open an audio player in the computer like XMML, winamp, i-tunes, etc. Select or click one of the links that are listed underneath or hit where it says “add URL” you will hit play and it will already begin to sound.
The source of transmission for radio-Internet or streaming for today and in the coming days Media for the Sexta and other days the mirror are:

Media for the Sexta:

Mirroring and sometimes as the source are:
Centro de Medios Libres-DF

Radio Zapote

Radio Pacheco

Ke Huelga

La Voladora Radio



Radio Sabotaje

Also, transmiting through FM, covering almost all of the valley of Mexico.

97.3 FM Radio Indymedia en La Otra Campaña transmitiendo en
94.1 FM Radio Zapote en el sur de la ciudad de México
102.9 FM La Ke Huelga por el a todo el sur de la ciudad de México
102.1 FM La Voladora Radio en el oriente del Estado de México
105.3 FM Radio Pacheco en el oriente de la ciudad de México
91.7 FM Radio Pueblo en el oriente de la ciudad de México

In the past months, other than those already mentioned these collectives have been retransmitting through radiointernet and FM:

Radio Saman, Tabasco
Radio Bemba, Sonora
Radio Frecuencia Libre, Chiapas
Critical Mass, San Diego
La tribu, Argentina
Radio Livre, Brasil

The Workers' Uprising in Mexico

Two striking miners were killed by police in Mexico on April 20 and another was crushed to death, igniting outrage in the country where five states have been witnessing work stoppages at different mines for the past three months.

The conflict began on January 19 when an explosion occured in a carbon mine in northern Mexico called Pasta de Conchos. The accident took the lives of 65 miners who were working in unsafe conditions and the presence of methane gas made rescue attempts impossible. For more than a week, the mainstream media kept track of the developing drama while showing images of crying family members and exhausted rescue team members.

After two weeks of keeping the family members’ hopes at bay, the federal government announced it was stopping rescue efforts. Soon thereafter broke the news that the government knew since the beginning that a rescue was impossible and the miners were dead.

The mourning family members were soon joined by other organized miners and their unions. The Minister of Labor, Francisco Salazar, removed the National Miner’s Union leader, Napoleon Urrutia at the behest of two mining companies and distributed information about Urrutia’s corrupt ways. Many factions refused to recognize the replacement leader, Elias Morelos.

Soon after, miners strikes erupted in five states including Michoacan on Mexico’s central pacific coast.

On Monday April 17, Mexican President Vicente Fox attempted to negotiate with union leaders to put an end to the strike at the company Sicartsa, which had been occupied by 500 striking miners for more than two weeks in the port city of Lazaro Cardenas in Michoacan. Once the union refused to meet the president’s demands of handing over the company compound, federal police invaded on April 20.

On this day for several hours, around 500 federal police agents and 300 state and special operations forces clashed with the strikers who received back-up from nearby workers. Word spread quick in Lazaro Cardenas about what was occuring in Sicartsa and thousands took to the streets to support their neighbors and loved ones.

Exchanging rocks and molotovs with tear gas and live weapon fire, the miners held onto the Sicartsa compound. Dozens of cars were burned along with some administrative offices of the company. The battle left two workers dead, one trampled, 40 injured and two in critical condition.

Analisis Peña

By flexing its brutal force the federal government attempted to resolve a difficult matter the old way when the president’s word was unquestioned and obeyed even by unions, which were appropiated long ago by the Mexican political system.

Once again Fox and his cabinet have shown their inability to negotiate and poor undersanding of social problems and movements. The usual strategy unfolded where the federal police acted as the main repressive force reenforced by local agents, who take the blame if violence gets out of hand.

It’s important to point out who was directly responsible for the tragedy that occured in Sicartsa. We know that at the higher levels of government, the president and the minister of labor are accountable but who was in charge of the police that day? Why were the police using live ammunition? Which policemen fired?

The moment is very delicate. The presidential elections are less than three months away. The National Action Party of Fox is losing a lot of credit due to his mismanagement of social and economic affairs. The present crisis with the miners of Sicartsa will only worsen the party’s and the government’s public standing.

The future of miners’ livelihoods looks bleak with little improvement. The present moment hasn’t been used to make serious demands on behalf of the workers or unions. Instead the power of their movement has been used to settle problems between union leaders and the federal government.


La ola de movilizaciones pro-migrantes

Un masivo movimiento pro-migrantes está surgiendo en los Estados Unidos en contraposición a la represiva legislación que intenta aprobar el congreso nacional. Previamente acallados por el temor a posibles represalias, los migrantes están leventando sus voces para exigir sus derechos y confrontar la xenofobia existente en el país.

Comenzando el diez de marzo, cientos de miles de personas marcharon en Chicago. Luego el 25 de marzo más de 500 mil manifestantes tomaron las calles en Los Angeles. El movimiento por los derechos de los migrantes culminó con un día de acción naciónal el 10 de abril, cuando 119 ciudades vieron manifestaciones.

Antes de ese día, diez miles de estudiantes expresaron su oposición el 28 de marzo con un paro estudiantil.

El primero de mayo se presenta el próximo paso en el movimiento. Nombrado “Un día sin méxicanos” está llamando a un boicot internacional a los productos de los Estados Unidos, un paro de labores y paro estudiantil. También está promoviendo acciones y manifestaciones en contra de simbolos y empresas estadounidenses.

Video: Los Angeles Washington D.C. Philadelphia

Photos: Puerto Rico Arizona Nueva York Houston Boston San Francisco Washington, D.C. San Diego Pittsburgh

Usando cosignas como “Somos América” y “Aquí estamos y no nos vamos”, el movimiento está respondiendo a la “reforma migratoria” que apenas fracasó en el senado pero que ya se aprobó en la cámara de representantes. El HR 4437</font> o el Acta de Protección de la Frontera y Control de la Migración Ilegal, criminaliza a los indocumentados. Convierte la presencia de un indocumentado dentro del país en un delito grave de juridición federal, castiga a la gente que ofrece ayuda humanitaria a los migrantes con cinco años en la carcel y desea poner 1 126 kilómetros más de muro por la frontera de 3218 kilómetros entre México y los Estados Unidos.

La represión también está aumentando en contra de los migrantes. Mil 200 indocumentados fueron detenidos en 26 estados el 20 de abril después de una operación simultánea montada por el Departamento de Seguridad Interna. Casi 300 personas ya han sido deportados.

El movimiento pro-migrantes exige amnistía para los 11 millones de indocumentados en el país, una reforma migratoria total, un camino a la ciudadanía, reunificación de las familias separadas, derechos para los trabajadores y derechos completos para todos los migrantes. Casi 35 millones de extranjeros viven en los Estados Unidos. De los 11 millones indocumentados, 81 por ciento son latinoamericanos y 57 por ciento de estos son mexicanos. Los migrantes en los EEUU ganan 240 mil millones de dolares al año (17 mil millones de ellos son enviados como remesas a México) y pagan 90 mil millones en impuestos, pero reciben no más de cinco mil millon de dolares en servicios.

En los Estados Unidos, una difusa red de coaliciones pro-inmigrantes ha hecho un llamado para realizar un boicot y huelga general, en todo el país el primero de mayo. Y le dicen “El Gran Paro Americano ’06”. La demanda es sencilla: "Papeles para todos. Ya".

En méxico, grupos sindicales y de apoyo a inmigrantes están pedientes de que nadie cruce la frontera para entrar a los Estados Unidos a trabajar o a hacer compras ese día. Comerciantes de Ciudad Juárez advirtieron que no venderán productos estadounidenses. El gobernador de Chihuahua también anunció su apoyo del boicot el primero de mayo.


La Otra Campaña to arrive in Mexico City

After four months of hitting up southern and central Mexico, La Otra Campaña will reach Mexico´s capital at the end of next week, April 28. Subcommandante Marcos, traveling as Delegate Zero but we like to call him Ricky Marcos or Calcetin (sock), will be visiting different grassroots organizations and workers groups for five days. Events I´m excited about: On May 1 a gigantic Worker´s parade will fill the streets of Mexico City, on April 29 the first Mexican Workers´Encuentro will be held, a meeting with D.F. sex workers on May 3, a huge public rally at the Tlatelolco pyramid, where in 1968 the government massacred 300 protesting students and all of the rallies and surge of Mexican revolutionary spirit.

La otra campaña en el Distrito Federal
Agenda de actividades con la participación del Subcomandante Marcos
Del 28 de abril al 4 de mayo.

Viernes 28 de abril de 2006.
Regional Oriente del DF (Iztapalapa, Iztacalco y Tláhuac)

Explanada del CCH Oriente. 14:30 hrs.
Acto Político / Prolongación Periférico, esquina revolución colonia Ejército

Bienvenida al Delegado Zero. 16 hrs.
16:00 Acto Político- Lienzo charro Los Reyes FPFVI-UNOPII. Av. Guelatao No. 50,
Col. Álvaro Obregón, Iztapalapa.

Sábado 29 de abril de 2006.
Sector de Trabajadores del Campo y la Ciudad

Encuentro Nacional Obrero 10:00 -20:00
Encuentro Nacional Obrero ubicado en Lago Plava # 95 colonia Huichapan. Delegación
Miguel Hidalgo, Local de UNIRROYAL, atrás del Metro Panteones

Domingo 30 de abril de 2006.
Regional Poniente (Cuajimalpa, Álvaro Obregón y Magdalena Contreras)

Reunión con Adherentes a la Sexta Declaración. Simpatizantes y
Pueblos de la Región Poniente 12:00 reunión abierta.

Lunes Primero de mayo de 2006.

Leones de Chapultepec-Zócalo
Todas y todos a la movilización de la otra campaña.
Todos los sectores, todos los adherentes, todos los simpatizantes.

Martes 2 de mayo de 2006.
Sector Estudiantil y Juvenil

Acto Político, Plaza Roja dentro de la Institución. Acto conjunto con la Regional
Norte. IPN- Zacatenco delIPN ubicado en Avenida Politécnico Nacional, Unidad
Zacatenco, delegación
Gustavo A Madero.

Acto Político en Islas de la UNAM, Insurgentes y Avenida Universidad
Delegación Coyoacán. Ciudad Universitaria

Miércoles 3 de mayo de 2006.
Regional Centro

Acto Publico y reunión con adherentes del Sector Disidencia
Sexo-Genérica, y del Sector de Trabajador@s Sexuales 9:00
(Hemiciclo a Juárez), Metro Hidalgo

Evento en la Merced con Comerciante 11:00
Nave mayor avenida Circunvalación esquina San Pablo, Metro Merced, Delegación
Venustiano Carranza

Evento en Tepito 12:00
Av. del Trabajo entre Obreros y Manuel Doblado, Delegación Cuauhtémoc

Plaza de las Tres Cultural, Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, Delegación Cuauhtémoc

Reunión con adherentes de la Región centro. 18 hrs.

Jueves 4 de mayo de 2006.
Sector Indígenas

Reunión con adherentes del sector Indígena 9:00
Lugar por definir



Ciclo de Zine CML:¡ZOMBI!

Este ciclo fue inspirado por la sociedad en que vivimos en la cual muchos ciudadanos viven y actúan repitiendo patrones y formas de vidas de otros sin generar ideas propias. Muchas personas viven despiertas pero al mismo tiempo están muertas. Con estas películas brindamos con esta sociedad de muertos vivientes. ¡Salud!

los jueves/19 hs. entrada libre 34 A Actopan Colonia Roma Sur

20 de abril: “Dead Alive” (Tu madre se ha comido a mi perro) director Peter Jackson de Nueva Zelanda, 1992. Leer más

Un cientifico descubre en Skull Island un ejemplar muy extraño de mono rata al que acompaña una terrible maldición, según los nativos. El ejemplar es trasladado a Nueva Zelanda para su estudio. Lionel, por su parte, es un joven que vive con su insoportable madre, que no aprueba la relación que Lionel acaba de comenzar con Paquita, la hija del tendero. Cuando los dos enamorados realizan una visita al zoológico, ella les vigila en secreto, y es mordida durante la visita por el animal encontrado en la isla. Poco a poco, la madre de Lionel se va convirtiendo en una especie de zombi, ávido de carne, y que convierte a su vez en zombi a todo al que muerde.

27 de abril: “El Santo Contra los Zombis” director Benito Alazraki, México 1961. Leer más

4 de mayo: “The Serpent and the Rainbow” (La Serpiente y el Arcoiris) director Wes Craven, Estados Unidos 1988. Leer más

11 de mayo: “28 Days Later” (28 Días Después- Exterminio) director Danny Boyle, Reino Unido, E.U. y Holanda 2002. Leer más


La Ley Televisa

Mi vida a la d.f.:

Wake up with arnaldo, hold hands as we walk to metro stop, buy our morning sweets read healdines on La Jornada, get on metro for trip to south, kiss arnaldo as he gets off two stops before me. Leave metro in UNAM, get on pesero for Santa Ursula. Try to remember to wear my ugly face when men whistle at me on the street. Try not to get run over by cars. Try not to get defensive with men who approach me, then realize I had every right to.

Get home, do yoga with my chilena girlfriends, Loreto and Vale. Eat lunch. Work on computer. Try to read. Head to Centro de Medios Libres, Usually a meeting, make decisions, get amazed by political astuteness of my friends. Slurp beer afterwards, make media. Go home with arnaldo, read whatever political junky magazine is laying around. Understand more and more how fucked up Mexican politics are.

The Mexican Senate recently passed La Ley Televisa, guaranteeing more media rights to the big TV channels of TV Azteca and Televisa, which owns 62% of the television market already. Similar to the changes of FCC regulations, this law allows these monopolies to get bigger and enter the telephone and internet markets. Azteca and Televisa no longer have to ask the government for permission for licenses. This law will effectively shut out community and government supported radio stations.

The dark undercurrents behind this law, however, have more to do with the upcoming presidential elections. The predicted winner of the election is the PRD candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a populist, center left candidate that is hugely popular in Mexico. This law is an agreement between President Vicente Fox from the PAN, the PRI and the media conglomerates to black out the PRD’s campaign and to give all the poltical spot space to the PRI and PAN.

Finally made the list...

A March 9 report on north Texas IMC revealed that the Central Texas office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had placed Food Not Bombs and Indymedia on a potential terrorist watchlist. An article by Elizabeth Wagoner stated:

“In a guest lecture at the University of Texas School of Law on Wednesday, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and the Communist Party of Texas as “Terrorist Watch” cause groups in Austin. Rasner gave a presentation entitled “Counter-Terrorism Efforts in Texas” to a U.S. Law and National Security class at the Law School.

Rasner then placed the FBI’s Central Texas “Terrorist Watch List” on the screen. On a list of approximately ten groups, Food Not Bombs was listed seventh. Indymedia was listed tenth, with a reference specifically to IndyConference 2005. The Communist Party of Texas also made the list. Rasner explained that these groups could have links to terrorist activity.”

I’ve participated in both movements the past five years. My experience with Food Not Bombs involved digging in trash looking for retrievable food, driving a van around, chopping veggies, listening to a lot of punk rock and serving a free wholesome meal in Richmond’s Monroe Park to a couple hundred people every Sunday. Toiling for hours in front of a computer screen, diffusing information and working with dozens of fiercely dedicated and intelligent people from all over the U.S. and the world sum up my time as a media activist with Indymedia.

I think about the comrades I’ve worked with on these projects. Some of my so-called co-Talibans in action are people who work shitty day jobs, activists, students, artists, labor organizers, parents or people who don’t care about working. All seek a common world vision where inequality, war and injustice are replaced by solidarity, self-determination and direct democracy. These are liberated folks who haven’t swallowed the life pill of isolation, fear and greed administered by Society, Government and Capitalism, Inc.

Living a life in search of an alternative positive existence while trying to impact the lives of other people in your community is considered terrorist activity. Engaging in cultural resistance, reclaiming space, questioning authority and general misbehaving is terrorist activity. What I am doing right now, listening to Mr. Lif (socially conscious hip hop) and writing, is this classified as terrorist activity?

I initially brush off these reports; why should I care what they say about me if I don’t believe in their authority? But just under the surface of lists like that of the central Texas FBI is a mercurial warning of tough times ahead. Of course this isn’t anything new; government surveillance and repression have always been prevalent in periods of struggle. The government does its best to undermine people’s movements by convincing the public that we are dangerous, infiltrating our organizations, attacking us, jailing us and killing us.

As history has shown, the government reacts violently and deadly when tested. Same struggle, different round. The government killed Martin Luther King, Jr., Ana Mae Aquash from the American Indian Movement, hundreds of unionists, how many people at the Wounded Knee massacre in 18.., The FBI’s

So now that the ultra-right that believes it has a mission from God to rule the earth until the arrival of Rapture has firmly planted itself in the U.S. government, they are in charge of all of the institutions that can really fuck-up an everyday person’s life. It’s going to take away our loosely-knit social safety nets of public education and social security and send out the attack dogs of the FBI, CIA, military and police to force us out of our activity.

If they’re going to try and take me down while I’m on dumpster diving missions with my friends or videotaping a protest and then editing footage with someone else, then it will have been my pleasure to have worked with these people, doing my best to make the world a better place.

to the last drop...

The Fourth World Water Forum will occur March 16-21 in Mexico City. Under the auspices of dialogue for better water stewardship amongst government agencies, government friendly NGOs, private companies and other institutions, forum participants will be discussing the increasingly scarce future of potable water and who has access to it. Essentially, 320 corporations, government agencies and international financial institutions like the World Bank will be negotiating the liberalization of public water markets to open them up for lucrative business ventures. The World Bank estimates the potential global water market at 10 billon 400 mil de millon pesos. ($140 billion?)

Currently, one billion people don’t have access to potable water and estimates suggest that by 2025, two thirds of the world’s population will be gravely impacted by water scarcity. In response to the forum, Mexican civil society is organizing a boycott against the forum and instead engaging in a week of resistance and education. The Coalition of Mexican Organizations for Water Rights formed in 2005 to demand the access of water as a guaranteed human right and its management in a democratic, sustainable, just and equal manner. This coalition is organizing the Latin American Water Tribunal and the International Forum in Defense of Water to be held in congruence to the world water forum. Various other events wil occur, including a people’s encampment in defense of water at Mexico City’s Monument of the Revolution, the public outreach center, el Espejo del Agua, in the city’s largest park, Bosque Chapultepec and a large mobilization against the forum on March 16.

Pointing to devastating experiences in Bolivia, England, Ghana and South Africa, anti-forum boycotters are saying that water privatization has endless negative affects. They say that it leads to a decrease in water quality, a loss of state jobs, indifference to community health and economic impacts with focus on pure profit, unsustainable management and drastic increases in water taxes.


Police Investigate Anti-American Statements of 11-Year-Old

sent to me from guarav jashnani who said quote," What the fuck is up with this?"

from Democracy Now

And in news from Virginia, the Washington Post reports two police officers
recently visited the home of an 11-year-old and questioned his parents for
three hours about anti-American comments their son made in school The
student had refused to participate in a Veterans Day exercise and
criticized the Marines. The school claimed he had said, "I wish all
Americans were dead and that American soldiers should die." The Police
questioned his parents about their views on Sept. 11, the military and if
they knew any foreigners who criticized US policy. They also inquired
whether the parents might be teaching "anti-American values" at home. The
mother, Pamela Allbaugh, told the Washington Post "It was intimidating. I
told them it's like a George Orwell novel, that it felt like they were the
thought police." She went on to say "If someone would have asked me five
years ago if this was something my government would do, I would have said