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28 April 2006 @ 09:41 pm
Radio-Internet and FM transmission of La Otra Campaña in Mexico City  
Since August 2005, a coalition of alternative media has gone with the call of the Sixth Declaration of the Lancandona Jungle, launched by the EZLN in June 2005.

Alternative media or free media, community media, independent media, citizen media and projects of popular grassroots communication and counter-information form part of a long-term wide and diverse movement that searches to reclaim words and make media from the people and for the people.

Through fascist legislation like the recently passed Ley Televisa-Azteca, the word of the people is made illegal, defending only the word of the big capitalists; laws that act against freedom of expression and information and against natural abilities of communication and creation of the people.

Beginning mid-day April 26, with the live transmission from the College of Superior Studies Aragon UNAM, in the northeast of Mexico state, free media will initiate radio transmissions through the Internet and FM the activities of the first national tour of La Otra Campaña, whose purpose is to listen and organize together indignation in its passing through of Mexico state and the federal district (Mexico City).

On some occasiones you will listen to live broadcast on others you will listen to previously recorded material from efforts of collectives and individuals working together so that stories of struggle are heard farther away and stronger.

Practically through all of the valley of Mexico we will transmit through free community radio frequencies.

To listen to the transmission, you have to open an audio player in the computer like XMML, winamp, i-tunes, etc. Select or click one of the links that are listed underneath or hit where it says “add URL” you will hit play and it will already begin to sound.
The source of transmission for radio-Internet or streaming for today and in the coming days Media for the Sexta and other days the mirror are:

Media for the Sexta:

Mirroring and sometimes as the source are:
Centro de Medios Libres-DF

Radio Zapote

Radio Pacheco

Ke Huelga

La Voladora Radio



Radio Sabotaje

Also, transmiting through FM, covering almost all of the valley of Mexico.

97.3 FM Radio Indymedia en La Otra Campaña transmitiendo en
94.1 FM Radio Zapote en el sur de la ciudad de México
102.9 FM La Ke Huelga por el a todo el sur de la ciudad de México
102.1 FM La Voladora Radio en el oriente del Estado de México
105.3 FM Radio Pacheco en el oriente de la ciudad de México
91.7 FM Radio Pueblo en el oriente de la ciudad de México

In the past months, other than those already mentioned these collectives have been retransmitting through radiointernet and FM:

Radio Saman, Tabasco
Radio Bemba, Sonora
Radio Frecuencia Libre, Chiapas
Critical Mass, San Diego
La tribu, Argentina
Radio Livre, Brasil